Free Push Email Like Regular SMS

By : Indie

You has known, which is the best Push Email for your mobile? Its Emoze. my answer is possibly unapproved by some people, but I need to share my experience. Since I have been using Emoze, I have never under developed of my new information from email. What no? Emoze has assisted me to push my new email directly to mobile device. So I am diffraction of read contents of the email…..

The great advantages is the email admission in sms format. yes…..we can read email within reason read sms. But as email, its remain to presents email format, for example there is name of consignor like, oke, its proper.

When the Emoze is installed to our mobile, automatically it makes account email x’self by the name of Emoze and with a standard setting from the server. So we don’t necessarily be busy searched for setting info how to which the correct. We remain install – implements – and enjoys amenity given by Emoze. I am like boss which able to receive email any time without having to manual check.

And thus when will reply to sender, we ready to select option and reply. Or we will send email to friends or your people who loves, hence you ready to make new email as usual. But becoming plus value is it transfer data is quickly like sms sending……great. nicely also able to upload attachment file. Based on my experience, attachment file that is coming from spamer automatically in deletion.

For fluently push email inside processing to your mobile, you need to activate formerly pop3 and imap in your email account. Example, for yahoomail client, login to your email usual. then select Option – select POP Access and Forwarding – Chek for enable pop3 and the imap – save. For gmail client, login into your email, then select Setting – Forwarding POP and enable POP for All mail – Save Changes. Process completed.

After you installed the application of Emoze, fill the advance setting, for example, wether application implemented automatically or no ( depends on you), and chooses access gprs line. Then follows the wizard. After success process, the application turn on of permanent and minimize…..You just enjoy amenity given by Emoze.

I try with Nokia N70

Download to your PC bellow :


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