SE-K660i Push Email Feature

Push Email Technology Without Add an Application
By : Indie

At former solution I have ever explained about push email technology, That is using by the addition of application so-called with Emoze. Emoze x’self has into various brands and type Mobile Device and platforms, such as Java, Symbian, etc. We just remains to accomodate with requirement. But at this article I will explaine push email technology by exploiting congenital feature from Sony Ericsson K660i that is supporting push email technology.

I hardly likes this push email technology caused many things, between it is :

1. We can receive new email directly entering to our HP or mobile
2. We are not necessarily check each time wish to see our email, this thing very
economizes time, and modulation
3. This push email can be exploited to send message like sms. It is very profits if
our partners has the same feature, causing sending and receiving messages thus
very cheap
4. Push email sends unlimited article character, including send and download
attachment file. Advantage gotten is we can send/share photographs to whom you
loves, cheaply and quickly if compared to MMS technology which is expensive and
doesn’t guarantee the really message up to purpose.
5. Push email very compatible for people who stired (busy), which is not had time to
manual check to the internet

That is five reasons making nuts about me with this push email technology. Possibly you has other an pallet, besides which I write down above.

Exploits SE-K660I push email is enough easy, we are not necessarily be busy looks for setting reference email for Mobile device. The most important is we have to have own email address that those capable to do forwarding and push. I recommend you to create account in Gmail has supporting forwarding, you just login into your email, and set your pop/imap forwarding [option – Setting – Pop/Imap forwarding] and check enable Pop/Imap and forwarding – please read carefully when you inside to this setting – your Gmail. And Then create email account for free which is support push email technology.

Both of the email accounts which is able to support carefully push email in our mobile device. Both of the email accounts also able to be applied in other mobile device which support push email. Important note for this feature is free, except just worn expense of gprs as according to tariff each operator for /Kb.

The Technical Installation of its is hardly easy, you ready to step into part of account in your Mobile. Then create new account, and follows the wizard setting. But most importantly here is you create account is good for to download email in server or in Gmail server. If you did forwarding in addressed at address your, hence every there are new email stepping into inbox and also, hence would directly sent steps into your mobile. This technique which is I recommend you.

So.. what is the usage your account?… your account is good for sending new email to other email address. This thing means that, applied to download, while applied to send ( upload) email. Why that way? Because free version doesn’t support smtp server for upload, its support IMAP4 only -for download. If you wished IMAP4 and SMTP server able to operate, hence upgrading to premium version. But honest, I don’t like discuss which paying …I like a free absolutely…hee..

Gmail actually able to do download and upload, but not support push technology. If you are create gmail account, hence you still must check in manual. For SE-K660I x’self has sophisticated, it is have interval checking in duration of certain time, that is ranging from 5 minute, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 2 hour, 4 hour, 12 hours, and 24 hours. You ready to choose and select. If you don’t want to wait and wait, please applied both of account which I explained above.

To all reader, if you had other alternative, please recommend us in form comment. The Writer hardly complimenting if you participate in this rubric.


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