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By : Indie

I have been long enough looks for way how sending sms as much as possible for ” bombing” someone mobile device which always disturb me trough miss calls by private number. Day to day I was piped by mysterious people. I search trough Mr.Google looks for sms bomber but nor meets. Eventually I found the website which provides the application of sms bomber, but its value too big, so doesn’t downloaded, enunciated at that time my mobile modulation is crisis.

In other side, I also find a free sms website that provides sms bulk. I found a nice website – http://www.greatmadlibs.com- which claimed able to sending a lot of sms constantly. But failed, it unable like it was claimed. Soooo…..my intention not success.

At other day, the private number appears with its original number. So this is best time to bombing his/her mobile inbox. Finally I have idea, his/her number was fellowed by me as a friend –look at – SMS CEESAN from INDOSAT programme. Of course by then private number is having initial im3 ( 08573*******) East Java.

I create sms ceesan by types * 333*1# then selected number 1, then enters number which will be made free sms-an friend. Then process completed. Then I call my girl and speaking about everything until minimal modulation is Rp.2000. Then I get free unlimited sms until clock 23:59 pm

Action begin!!!! I implement program N-SMS which upload sms able to 99 sms. Actually the application of this is not choosen application, alternative only, because I was downloaded sms flooding application special for unlimited sms bombing. But I don’t aware if this application only can be implemented at Symbian OS9 or Symbian.V3….i disappointed again…But no problem, I still keep N-SMS application, I able to send 99 sms constantly, I reload if it was end.

The Result is Great….damn you..damn you..haa..haa..your mobile inbox fully and drop, and he never miss call me again for a long time.

Actually we can bombing trough free sms from operator as of the tenderloin. More than anything else the existing of its era tariff war, for example 3, im3, axis, etc. But I don’t hold responsible with all deviations which you does, because this article written for share only. Thanks and peace !!!

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