Upload – SHARE FILE – CAN DOLLAR salary

For friends who are interested to get additional revenue from the internet (make money online), there are many fields that we can dig. The goal is take more dollar in the short and long term. One is from http://ziddu.com. Ziddu is a website that provides unlimited file hosting. This means we can put our file how much we want in this website

Indeed, if calculated in mathematics, the income from ziddu not interesting, that is $ 0.001/download. However, a wise proverb says “what to plant, he reap.” Now if we can be understanding $ 0.001/download quotes from the visitors who are interested that we file with sharing. If compared with the cost we pay to upload files to ziddu can be more expensive. But do not do anything, all businesses need a cost.

Other aspects that are beneficial for us “when we sow a harvest.” This we should grasp. The minimum income $ dropdown should not be our business, that’s clear, there are savings to us at this time, the charity notes either. In a sense, we share-share files that are useful for other people, then this is the actual positive results.

In addition, at the later time we will also cite a dollar more, it is surely! Because the $ 0,001 if the increase, then the long run will also be great. We do not need to lose heart. See statistics below:

10000 Unique Downloads: $ 10
50000 Unique Downloads: $ 50
100000 Unique Downloads: $ 100 USD
500000 Unique Downloads: $ 500 USD
1000000 Unique Downloads: $ 1000 USD

Just imagine … great also?

The definition is a unique IP number. If there are many cafe 1 computer, and then in the cafe there are some computers that download a file simultaneously in the same web, so that the computer is 1 with a unique IP number.

Now for the visitors who like to upload a file-share, there are advantages for you, you will be paid by ziddu. Try to join with Ziddu … no loss. And have $ 0100 bonus for those who get 1 downline (the people who sign up through your refferal id) with the condition, your downline list and then directly upload the file at that time also.

Come join with me that this has been returned to you


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