This final report explains about designing a water level monitoring system that used ultrasonic wave and based on microcontroller AT89C2051. It is important to build the system because many disasters were caused by water, such as flood, tsunami, etc.

Ping sensor used the echo sounder principle to detect the water level. The time duration for transmitting and receiving the ultrasonic wave is multiplied by the sound velocity in the water to get the spacing point. It is done by assembly program that was stored in microcontroller memory. The result of water level is display on seven segments and transmits to the computer use FM radio. The computer shows the real time water level in graphic mode. Based from the experiment, the system can work well for measurement range 0.10 – 2.50 metre with accuracy system for 0 – 0.05 meter, and error percentage for 0 % – 4 %.

Key Word: Water Level Monitoring System, Microcontroller AT89C2051, Ultrasonic, Seven segment, and FM Communication.

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