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Before discussing the problems involved in this thesis, the writer would
like to give points becoming the background of the problems. It is done
in order to make the readers will be easier in understanding this thesis.

English is one of the International languages, and spoken by many people
in the world. English is also the most famoust and important language in
the world, since there are many scientific books printed in English, and
English is also used in formal or non formal communication in the world.

In many branches of knowledge, the English books are their main sources,
such as Mathematics, Biology, Sociology, Law, Chemists, Medical,
Engineering, and many others. Lately, English is also spoken in formal
or in non formal meetings in the world, and in Indone­sia as well. There
are many teaching learning processes are conducted in English,
especially in the English department of Universities, English course
institutions, discussions, seminars, and so on.

In Indonesian schools condition, English is taught from junior high
school level until university level. There also occur many English
courses in every town. In this case, later ones, serve English courses
for children or they are usually called English for Children Class. On
the other word, there are many companies or factories or even state
departments that need one who master English well. They do not demand
ones mastering English passively only, that is ones who master English
in receiptive skill, but also ones mastering English actively, that is
ones who can use English as their means of communication or ones who can
speak and write in English. It means that the English is the first and
main entrance requirement in applying for the worker.

Based on the brief description of the English posi­tion, we know that
English is one of important languages in the world. It is one of
demanding subjects in every high school in Indonesia. Thus, English, for
the English department students, is not a new subject, since English has
been given when they were studying English in their junior high schools
level. Viewed from the time they had used, they should master English well.

We have already known that there are four aspects influencing the
ability in mastering a language, English as well. They are : reading,
listening, writing, and speaking. Therefore, in this thesis, the writer
would like to discuss about two aspects of language they are; speaking
and listening, or it's usually named 'dialogue' Because, of the reasons
of the curriculum, the writer could not do the investigation of students
ability in mastering dialogue as it be. It means that in investigating
the students ability in mastering dialogue was not orally, but he
investigated the dialogue in the written form.. It was also because the
very limited time being available to do the research.

Furthermore, agree with the " Kurikulum 1984 Madra­sah Aliyah "

Agree with the Kurikulum Madrasah Aliyah 1984, in its introduction is
said that "Berbahasa adalah menggunakan bahasa untuk berkomunikasi"[1]
<#_ftn1>. It means that after learning English, the students are hoped
to be able to use the language as their means of communication.

Furthermore, based on the objective or purpose and the function of the
teaching of English is said :

Kurikulum bahasa Inggris ini bertujuan untuk mengembalikan pengajaran
bahasa kepada ketermaknaan dan fungsi komunikasi tersebut. Ini
diupayakan dengan penjabaran kurikulum yang secara jelas bertujuan
kemampuan berkomunikasi. Kurikulum ini menuntut bahwa dalam penyajian
bahan pengajaran, bentuk-bentuk bahasa. selalu dikaitkan dengan makna
bentuk ba­hasa itu dan dengan pesan yang dimaksud untuk disampaikan.
Proses penyampaian pesan ini diterangkan dalam kaitannya dengan tugas
dan fungsi komunikasi sesuai dengan konteks dan situasi berbahasa.[2]

After searching the purpose and the function of teaching of English
based on Kurikulum 1984 Madrasah Aliyah, we can find that the language
as a means of communication has an important role. It means that the
teaching of dialogues to the second year students is to support the
achievement of the curriculum.

The dialogue, as we have already mentioned above, means a conversation
or a talk in the written form . It means that in this thesis, the writer
did not investigate how is the students ability in mastering English
dialogue orally. It was because of many reasons. Therefore in this
thesis, wants to know how is the influence of the ability in mastering
dialogue on the achievement in learning English to the second year
students at Madrasah Aliyah Negeri Magelang.


[1] <#_ftnref1> Kurikulum M A, 1984, Garis-garis Besar Program
pengajaran, Bahasa Inggris, Depag, 1989, p. vii

[2] <#_ftnref2> Ibid


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